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Bettys Place

Betty's Place is also popularly known as Betty’s Restaurant. Betty's Place is to be found at, Opposite Holiday Inn Resort, Mobor Beach, Cavellossim, South Goa. The Bettys Restaurant is a Goan Multi Cuisine restaurant offering Goan, Indian and International cuisines too. Betty’s place was thrown open to all the tourists and food aficionados way back in 1993. Today, Betty’s Place is famous for its River side location, for catering to the tastes of 5 Star tourists, for its unique ambience and most importantly for its “Quantity & Quality” of Goan Seafood. 

Bettys Boat Cruises

Betty's Boat Cruises enterprise is a sister concern of Betty's place & restaurant and is a very well-known organizer of boat trips & cruises in and around Mobor and Cavellossim beaches and especially famous for his backwater river cruises in the Sal River. Having more than 18 year’s experience in the Food and Beverage industry and also in the Water sports activities, they are the best cruises to be found in South Goa.  The skillfully conducted boat trips are well valued by foreign and national tourists and have earned brilliant assessments in international travel journals and guide books. Situated on the banks of river Sal and close to the Estuary of the river and Arabian sea at Mobor, Cavellossim they offer a range of boat cruises for all types of tourists holidaying in Goa.

Watersports activities at Mobor beach

Mobor beach is the water sports and adventure activities beach of South Goa. Mobor beach is very close by for the guests and residents of River Castle. Some of the water sports activities on Mobor beach are; Parasailing, Jet Ski, Banana Rides, Kayaking, Ringo Rides, Deep Sea Fishing, Speed Boats, Wake Boarding, Water Ski and many more.

Goa Chitra Museum

Goa – Chitra Museum is situated at St. John the Baptist church road, Mondo-Waddo (ward), Benaulim, Salcete Goa. The Goa Chitra is a museum based in the former Portuguese colony (and now India's smallest state) of Goa. It has a large collection -- over 4000 artifacts -- focusing on Goa's traditional agrarian technology and lifestyle. Goa Chitra is based in the coastal Goan village of Benaulim. Goa Chitra museum was founded in 2010 by the artist cum curator cum restorer Mr. Victor-Hugo Gomes. Time Out Mumbai magazine has described the museum as "One of Goa's most charming attractions" and add that "this little rural complex houses thousands of traditional implements, vessels and tools that evolved over centuries in the agrarian heartland of Goa in the service of farming and other traditional trades". Goa Chitra's collection comprises specimens of local pottery, farming tools, musical instruments, ancient carts and palanquins from different points of the past. It also displays an organic farm for the farming of various vegetables, herbs, spices, sugarcane, and rice, all staples of the area in coastal western India.

Leopard Valley

Leopard Valley was born in 2013 when Subnation Stage works came across a hidden gem in a jungle quarry. Overgrown and battered by monsoon, Clint Hale had a vision for the venue and quickly got his partner on board. Together with the owner they shared the vision and set to work making it become a reality………..designing a bespoke stage that would fit in with the look and natural elements of the venue, and then bringing the “famous” columns to their new home. The columns would have a pyrotechnics makeover – each of them shooting fire out the top and creating a spectacular vibe. When the stage was finished it stood 7 meters above the crowd complete with waterfall and its own raised dance floor.  Now add lasers, lights, performers, DJ’s and a massive sound system and the dream is coming to life. The philosophy of Subnation Stage works is always ground breaking production and shows, to amaze the crowd and take them into an experience like no other. The Venue can hold 3,000 people, open air under the stars, set way back from the road and villages; it’s a magical location with a very unique atmosphere. Leopold Valley is on the Palolem-Agonda Road, Canacona, Goa.

Palacio Do Deao

This ancient and antique Portuguese house is situated at Palacio Do Deao, Opposite Holy Cross Church, Quepem, Goa. A Palatial Portuguese house, it occupies 11,000 square feet of floor area. It is built in an uncommon style of structural design and has a thought-provoking mixture of Hindu and Portuguese cultures. The gardens, with features such as a pond, loggia, balustrades, vases, stone ornaments, and a belvedere tell us of a complex garden, unparalleled in Goa. The Palácio do Deão is a 213 year old mansion, built in 1787, by a Portuguese noble man, who was Dean of the Church and the Founder of Quepem town. The house situated on a hillock, faces the Church he built.


Silent Noise Parties

Silent Disco

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Headphone Party

Laughing Buddha


HeadphoneParty Goa

Alpha Bar


Silent Noise

Neptune Point


There are three regular silent discos in Palolem Beach (as of 2014). These take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the season, which lasts from November until the end of April – basically until the monsoon season arrives.

Palolem beach is the center of most of the Silent Noise parties happening in Goa. Silent noise means the music or noise is playing only in your individual headphones and not on the common speakers. These are No noise parties with all of the music, sound and noise happening only in your ears without disturbing anyone else.

Here is the protocol of Silent Noise parties: When you enter the bar, you pick up a pair of headphones (for a fee). You can either hit the dance floor or be seated at a table. Either ways, in order to listen to music, all you have to is put on your headphones. When you want to talk to your friend, both of you just have to take off your headphones and talk. Unlike pubs with loud music where it is near difficult to have a conversation, in a headphone party it is quite easy to talk without screaming your guts out. Once you are done talking, put your headphones back on and continue enjoying the music in your ears or head literally speaking.

ALPHA BAR was the one of the first bars n restaurants of Palolem way back in 1982. Now Alpha Bar is the scene of the weekly Silent Noise Party every week on Thursdays.  The music is on in your ears all night long from dusk to dawn. During the Silent Disco, only delicious Snacks are served.

There are three regular silent discos in Palolem Beach (as of 2014). These take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the season, which lasts from November until the end of April – basically until the monsoon season arrives.




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