Mobor Beach

5 Star Beach of South Goa: Mobor beach

The long and continuous stretch of sandy beaches that begins at Velsao beach ends up at the other end of Mobor beach in South Goa. This wonderful long and sandy stretch of South Goa beaches begins with Velsao beach and stretches for around 30 kms at the other end at Mobor beach. The beach of Mobor is a natural and continuous extension of Cavellossim beach and it’s extremely difficult to say, where Cavellossim beach begins and ends into Mobor beach. Mobor beach is a more happening beach, surrounded by plenty of 5 Star hotels and Resorts. Within the vicinity of Mobor beach one will find, The Leela Goa, Holiday Inn Resorts, The Byke Old Anchor beach resort etc. Before the 1980’s, Mobor beach was a one long & lengthy stretch of just unending sand and land with a few beach huts. In the early 1980’s once the 5 Star Tourism market started in Mobor with the entry of luxury and deluxe hotels mushrooming in and around Mobor, this beach finally got the attention that it deserved.

South Goa’s Watersports beach: Mobor beach

Mobor beach is known as the Adventure beach or Water sports activity beach of South Goa. It is one of the most famous beaches in Goa, which allows the tourists to participate in adventure water sports such as water skiing, water surfing, Jet Ski, banana and bump rides and parasailing. The beach of Mobor can be visited throughout the year; though, the best months to visit Mobor Beach of Goa are between the months of September and March. In fact, the entire Cavellossim-Mobor beach stretch is well-known for water sports. Guests staying at River Castle rooms have the advantage of enjoying the best of watersports activities in South Goa.

Beach of Mobor in South Goa: Public beach of South Goa.

Tourists, Travellers and local residents too, at first sights, get a mistaken notion that Mobor beach is a private beach. No. All beaches in India and also in Goa are all open to the public, having public access and is the common property of the public at large. The entrance or approach from the main tar road is through a luxury resort. This creates a mistaken assumption that the entire Mobor beach is a private beach. Mobor beach is totally and fully open to the public. Also note that directly opposite the beach road is a road that leads to the mouth of the Sal River.

Besides a River and by the Sea: Mobor beach

The beach of Mobor is beautifully sandwiched on the east side by the north-south flowing River Sal which meanders all over South Goa before emptying its sweet water reserves, starting as a Rivulet and ending up as the huge River Sal at Betul beach. Mobor village and its environs is flanked by the River Sal on its left side and the amazing Arabian Sea on its right side. Both the beaches of Cavellossim and Mobor are situated very close to the passing River Sal. Mobor beach has its own estuary where the River Sal kisses and meets the Arabian Ocean, attracting variety of birds at the meeting and churning point of the river and sea. Mobor beach is superbly situated, thus creating a serene ambiance full of solitude.  Mobor beach is only at a short distance of 18 kms from the commercial city of Margao and a short walking or riding distance for guests staying at River Castle rooms.




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