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Carmona Beach

The beach of Carmona lies in the Salcete district of South Goa. It is one of the clean, comfortable and less congested beaches of South Goa.  The neighboring beaches are Fatrade and Varca Beaches in the north and Cavellossim Beach resort in the south. At Carmona beach, one will easily find, Eateries, Entertainment and places to stay. On the Carmona beach one will find lots of hawkers and peddlers selling stuffs such as Tender coconut water, Sun Hats, Oil massages etc. At Carmona beach one will finds lots of water sports activities to take part in. During the week of Xmas and New Year, this place becomes more active and lively for tourist parties. Some of the beach shacks hoist their Sun Umbrellas and Sun beds for tourists to have a comfortable Sun Tan. Carmona beach gets its name from the Goan village of Carmona which is situated at a short walking distance from the beach and the central part of Carmona village is surrounded along the Carmona Catholic Church. This delightful beach of Carmona is at a short distance from the holiday home rooms of River Castle.



Betul Beach

South of Mobor beach and the holiday homes of River Castle, lies the quiet and serene beach of Betul. This beach of Betul has an Estuary where the River Sal gathers its sweet waters and empties itself into the Amazing Arabian Sea. From Mobor, one can reach Betul, either by taking the ferry at Assolna or taking a boat from Mobor to reach to Betul. Approaching from Margao city, then plenty of local buses ply and run on this route going towards Cabo de Rama (Cape of Ram) fort. Betul beach is a fishing beach and all the families of Betul are involved in the fishing activity. Cutbona jetty is the one that attends to the needs of hundreds of huge fishing boats that venture into the deep seas of the Arabian Ocean. At Betul one can spot a picturesque small lagoon that rises and falls with the tides of the sea. Betul beach has loads of eateries for food tasting of diverse types. The Blue Whale is believed to have very flavorsome cuisine and, according to tourists’ stories, offer its patrons and guests a great selection of fresh seafood varieties. The most delightful and huge mussels on the whole South Goan coast are said to be cooked here. Guests staying at River Castle holiday home are in for a treat for their eyes and tongues, by visiting this not to be missed place of Betul beach.



Cavellossim Beach

Cavellossim beach is one huge and long stretch of beach in South Goa which is popular for its seclusion, for its contrasting black rocks and white sand. In the year of 2016, this beach of Cavellossim was ranked 19th in Asia and 05th best beach in India by Trip Advisor. Cavellossim Beach is located at only 15 km south of Margao and from a short riding distance from River Castle holiday home at Cavellossim – Mobor. Cavellossim Beach is a beach with white sand and black lava rocks. The beach lies in between the river Sal along the east and the Arabian Sea to its west. Being a peaceful beach, Cavellossim attracts a lot of tourists. Besides relaxing or swimming on the beach one can also go for dolphin sighting boat trips in the sea.





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